The Films are currently in the Festival tour and cannot be shown in full.

The Nunavut animation Lab is an NFB and Nunavut Broadcasting Corporation co-production that brought 4 artists from the Canadian North together to make their first animated films ever. I was brought in to help train them in using after effects and eventually help them finish each of their films. My roles for each film are as follows:

“Lumaajuug” : Animator, compositor, effects animator, background painter, effects animator, edit, score (With vocals by Alexis O’hara), sound design and colour correction

“The Bear Facts” : Compositor, effects animator, edit, score, sound design and colour correction

“I Am but a Little Woman” : Compositor, effects animator, sound clean-up, colour and colour correction

“Qalupalik” : Compositor, editor, colour correction

The National film Board of Canada and The Nunavut Broadcasting Corporation

Animation, Culture, Inuk, Nunavut, Daniel Gies, 2D Animation