At the Horse Race Track

Bush Brave’s win is the first success in the Derby coach Olkowski, and the fourth for the jockey Tomáš Lukášek (2011, 2014, 2016, 2017). This time luck, like the last two when Va Bank and Caccini won, favored the best. Bush Brave, the winner of last year’s edition of the Mokotow Award, as well as the Ruler Award, at a strong pace imposed by the main opponents – trained by Adam Wyrzyk Largo Forte and the favorite conqueror for the Iwna Velnelis Award, did not give them a chance on the straight. He defeated the last one by 10 minutes, who added another 6 "to the sensational third Kurier from the Wroclaw stable Michał Borkowski. Largo Forte well carried out the strong pace he dictated and kept fourth place, and the fifth was Mona Kerbili, also trained by Wyrzyek. It was a beautiful, very selective race and there is no doubt that he won the best horse.

The best horse also won in the main race of the first part of the season for older horses for the President of the TS Award. This time, however, Caccini had to fight to the end, because it was phenomenally available that day was Silver, from which Szczepan Mazur seemed to have absolutely everything. The mare on the straight attacked first, but at the fastest quarter Caccini came easily. When he overtook his rival for length, it seemed that he was already after the race. Meanwhile, spurred by Mazur Silver, she broke into the fight and before the finish line she was slightly ahead of the big favorite. Perhaps a bit of luck, or perhaps the innate instinct of Caccini, let him lift his head in the pole enough to defeat the opponent in another phase of the gallop. Thus, trained by Adam Wyrzyk, Caccini remains the best elderly horse, but the mare Wojciech Olkowski showed in this run of character.